Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thankful Thursday, Take 36

Thanking God this week for...
  • another week closer to August with no preterm labor!
  • all the people who have called, sent notes/email or offered to help
  • brownies
  • not being one of those pregnant women who are insanely overheating all the time
  • my new books from Amazon
  • comfort in the Psalms
  • the ability to walk
  • the baby's breakdancing
  • the sense of touch, specifically, scalp massages/playing with my hair
  • the certainty and trustworthiness of His Word
  • His patience with me
  • His mercy


Anonymous said...

Ah, I was one of those crazy overheating pregnant ladies - You're very right to be thankful you're not! ;)

How much longer now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, Amy!!

I'm glad that you are doing well so far too. And not too hot! That is such a plus. I am hot ALL the TIME! It have to have the AC- and I am freezing my poor hubby. Who would've thought it was possible to make a guy cold?!

I hope your pregnancy will continue to go well!! You are in our prayers!

Amy said...

it's funny...somehow it seems that the baby is insulating me from getting too cold, but not making me too hot. usually at church I am FREEZING because they crank the A/C, but last Sunday I saw other ladies pulling out sweaters and I felt completely comfortable. but at home, I haven't even been running the A/C much--I feel okay without it. strange, but I'll take it :)

Amy said...

oops--forgot to respond to Lindsay. I'm 30 weeks now!

Amanda said...

30 weeks -- I think we need another belly photo! :)