Monday, June 18, 2007


Yesterday morning as Steve and I sat in church, waiting for the service to start, one of the men stopped to say hello to us. Picture a great big man with a Yugoslavian accent. Looks intimidating, especially when you are standing right next to him, but very friendly and fun to talk to. After he shook our hands, he looked at my belly, smiled and said, "The baby is really growing, that's for sure!"

After he walked away, Steve cracked up. "That was a really tactful way of saying, 'You're getting HUGE!' I especially liked the 'that's for sure' part."


Anonymous said...

LOL...Gotta love Mr.Miki!

Jules said...

It actually amazes me what people think is acceptable to say to pregnant women.

My favorite has been "are you SURE there is only one in there?" Um, what are you implying?