Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Personalizing a Gift

MSN always throws up a few article links on my "sent message confirmation" page in Hotmail, and occasionally I click through when the titles catch my eye. An article that drew me in this morning with "wedding gift survival guide" as the teaser included this great tip I thought was worth passing along:
More important, by selecting an item from the registry, you know you're going to get them something they really want. Ah, but you're afraid they'll know how much you paid for the gift and think you are cheap because you only sprung for a toaster. Well, the wedding gifts my husband and I have gotten the most use out of in the seven years since receiving them are a set of glass mixing bowls and an iron. Not very exciting gifts, but I sure am glad people saw them on our registry and got them for us. You can also personalize a registry item to make it more meaningful. Include a couple of your favorite cookie recipes with that mixing bowl set, for example, and toss in a few of the key ingredients.
What a fun idea! I'm filing it away for the next time I need to buy a registry gift.

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Kitchen Utinsel said...

Don't just add a few key ingredients, add all the dry ingredients with a recipe and how to instructions. The mixing bowl set to place the ingredients in is a wonderful idea.