Friday, July 27, 2007

Descended from Greatness, Part 2

Not only are my parents amazing...I have some pretty great in-laws, too. I know there are a lot of women who dread their in-laws' visits--or who don't mind their coming, but are more than ready to have them leave after a couple of days. How blessed I am that this is not the case in my situation! God in His kindness allowed me to marry into a family I truly enjoy.

Back in February, Steve's dad came down by himself to work on our massive upstairs remodeling project. So this week, it was his mom's turn for a visit. My mother-in-law and her mom arrived on Monday afternoon and spent the last couple of days working hard to help me finish several projects as we prepare for Baby. We picked out fabric and made a curtain for the nursery, hung the wallpaper border in the nursery, and painted the trim for the window (pictures coming soon!). Then they finished projects I started long ago--like kitchen curtains--and painted the basement door that's been hanging since November, primed and waiting for a finish coat. (Steve and I have a tendency to get projects to the point of "functional" and then move on to the next thing :)

In between all that hard work, they found a little time to go antiquing (a favorite pastime) and came back with adorable elephant bookends for the (as-yet-unbuilt) built-in bookcase in the nursery!

We had a great time visiting with them and were sorry to see them leave. What a tremendous blessing and help they were to us! I'm glad they got to come down and spend some time with us--especially Granny, who had never been to our house.

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Zoanna said...

YOu're looking wonderful, Amy. Glowing and happy from my vantage point in blogland. I have something to send you from Russia, by the way. Do you plan to be hunkered down at home from now on?