Monday, July 02, 2007

Despair and Condemnation

Carolyn at Solo Femininity is doing an on-again, off-again series of marriage interviews. This quote from today's interview struck me as incredibly insightful regarding my sinful heart:

"Seeing my sin more specifically and frequently (and against this person whom I love more than any other!) both surprised me and tempted me to despair and condemnation. I realized that, at least in my life, condemnation and despair are evidences of a reverse type of pride: I would not be despairing unless I had believed myself to be above sinning in that way, and I would not feel condemned unless I were believing the lie that Christ’s sacrifice for me wasn’t enough, like God didn’t really know what he was doing in planning my redemption or that he didn’t know all the ways I was going to sin."

The entire post is full of wisdom--check it out!

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