Sunday, July 08, 2007

Descended from Greatness

The title of this post is a nod to the other blessings I can't begin to quantify: my incredible, generous, hardworking parents. They made the seven-hour trip down here on Wednesday night and joined us for some Fourth of July festivities--and then on Thursday, they went to work. And boy did they work!

Dad started by washing down the freshly-sanded drywall in the nursery, then priming and painting the room (which seems to be a July pattern--I promised not to have any painting for him to do next July!) all by himself. When he was done with that, he attacked our jungle backyard! With all that's been on Steve's shoulders, the outside maintenance has fallen by the wayside. So Dad mowed the yard (and the driveway), trimmed all the weeds, even hacked down the giant mutant weed-tree that was growing up between our deck steps. I wish I had taken before and after pictures!

Meanwhile, Mom was hard at work helping me. We ran errands on Thursday and picked up a bunch of baby stuff, including the rest of the nursery furniture Steve and I ordered a few weeks ago. When we got home, we reorganized all of the bathroom supplies and linens (I lost all my in-bathroom storage to the A/C ductwork for the upstairs), then organized and packed up all the baby stuff (previously, it looked like Babies R Us threw up in our dining room). On Friday, she did a pile of dishes, mopped the entire house, swept off the deck and patio after Dad was done out there, scrubbed the bathtub and even washed a few windows!

All this is to say nothing of the food they brought for us, or the gas they put in our car, or the other things they generously bought for us. My parents are just awesome. And eagerly anticipating their very first grandchild :)

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a suburban housewife said...

Wow, Amy. What's the countdown? Y'all have sure been busy getting ready for the baby!