Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Contact Me

Here's a blogging pet peeve of mine: When people don't have a clear and easy way to contact them from their blog.

I should be able to find, either in your sidebar or your "About Me/Profile" page, your email address, or some sort of comment form where I can contact you personally. Yes, I could just leave a comment in your latest post, but what I want to tell/ask you has absolutely nothing to do with your latest post. I don't want to clutter your comments with off-topic stuff--nor do I necessarily want all your readers to read my note to you. I just want to say hi to you personally.

If you're concerned about getting spam from putting your email address out there, that's easily worked around. Either set up a separate email address just for your blog, so your primary email address doesn't get clogged up--or, even easier, write out your email address in ways that it can't be farmed by auto-spammers. Like this:


Presumably your readers are bright enough to figure it out :)

Please, do me and your other readers a favor, and provide a way for us to contact you. Don't make me hunt fruitlessly for several minutes and then give up!


Slartibartfast said...

You probably weren't talking about me, but I did it anyway, because you make a good point.

Anonymous said...

Oops! :) Duly noted.

faith ann raider said...

So glad you posted that! I added my email address to my blog.