Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thankful Thursday, Take 45

Thanking God this week for...
  • my best friend's delivery of a healthy baby boy!!!!!!!
  • dinner with some good friends from church on Monday night
  • the CD player in my car suddenly, inexplicably working again, after having been broken for several weeks
  • being pregnant in the dead of summer...I know, sounds crazy, but on the bright side, it means I can wear flip-flops 24/7 and not have to cram my hopelessly swollen feet into real shoes
  • air conditioning--the only thing that makes being nine months pregnant in August in Tennessee bearable
  • ceiling fans
  • a slice of lime in a glass of cold water
  • packages in the mail
  • a husband who often helps me cook dinner
  • finding out that we DON'T have to pay $260 in back taxes to the city of Cincinnati like we thought we might (whew!!)
  • encouraging feedback from blog readers
  • grace
  • commitment
  • unconditional love

Haven't said this in a while, but you're always free to add your own in the comments :)


Zoanna said...

I was 9 mos prego in August of 91. it really wasn't as bad as I expected or as dreadful as everyone was convinced. We had 2 window AC units--one which cooled our whole downstairs and one for the bedroom I was set! That baby boy just turned 16 yesterday.

Amy said...

You know, I don't think it's been all that bad either. That has been the first thing everyone said from the beginning when I told I was due in August--"oh you're in for it, Tennessee in August"...but honestly I'm not sure I'm any more miserable than I would be if I wasn't pregnant. The heat is just miserable, whether you're enormously pregnant or not!

Now if we didn't have a/c, I would probably be singing a different tune :)

kristin said...

I completely agree with the ability to wear flip flops! It's the little things that make a pregnancy better. :) I can't remember the last time I had a "real" pair of shoes on.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for Friday and good blogs to read. :)

The Chinlund Family said...

Oooooh, it's Saturday!!! You didn't post yesterday, so I'm hoping it's because you're too busy holding your BABY!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay I am starting to get excited too! At first I thought maybe she was just busy yesterday, but it's Saturday evening and still nothing! Yea! I will be praying for you Amy!!

The Chinlund Family said...

Sunday morning and still no post! I'm convinced Baby Kannel is here! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

::nods:: Yeap Kate

I mean... ;)

Anonymous said...

I second that congrats!!! I can't wait to hear the big news officially!!