Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday, Take 77

I don't know what it is about Thankful Thursdays, but these simple little posts have probably gotten more response than anything else I've written. So the feature is here to stay. I will admit that I don't always *feel* overwhelmed with gratitude--but I think it's a helpful exercise to reflect on the abundant blessings I have received from God. All good things, whether simple pleasures like chocolate, or life-changing gifts like a baby, or the magnificent grace of salvation, come from His generous hand.

"Thanksgiving is an admission of dependence," says Jerry Bridges in his book Is God Really In Control? "Through it we recognize that...God 'gives [us] life and breath and everything else' (Acts 17:25). Everything we are and have we owe to His bountiful grace. ...'What do you have that you did not receive?' (1 Corinthians 4:7)."

So as an admission of dependence and expression of humility (something I *always* need to work on cultivating), here are a few things I'm thanking God for this week...
  • readers who stuck with me through a long hiatus and expressed gladness that I started blogging again--what an encouragement to me!
  • a patient, gentle, servant-leader husband
  • a generous surprise in the mail
  • my camera
  • rhubarb
  • air conditioning
  • ice cream
  • long naps for Elijah, enabling me to be very productive
  • our Ergo carrier, enabling me to be productive while he's awake
  • the privilege of being part of God's provision to others
  • being under grace instead of law
  • the promise that in the end, mourning will turn to joy
As always, you're welcome to add your own in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have just got my internet back after a 2week break..i am really glad to see you blogging again! God uses you to make me think-i love you craft words together..more importantly, God used your blog and testimony to lead me out of legalism into Gospel-centered ness..yay! I think i have shared that on this blog before, but it doesn't hurt to be thankful for it again and again..

Jamie said...

Regarding rhubarb: My girls asked me yesterday at the *grocery store*, "Mommy, what is that neat pink vegetable?" Yeah, rhubarb. And at 3.99 per pound, no, we didn't get any for them to try, despite their pleas. But I thought of you! :)