Monday, July 21, 2008

Yep, That's the One

A recent conversation that made me laugh, in which Steve swiftly summarizes one of the dumbest books I've ever read:

me: "This book is really interesting. It's written as though The Great Gatsby was nonfiction."
Steve: [blank look] "The Great Gatsby?"
me: "Remember, we read it in high school?"
Steve: "Oh, yeah." [pause] "Isn't that the one with the giant yellow car? ...And everybody was always sweaty."

(I do have to admit, reading The Double Bind sort of made me want to go back and reread Gatsby--maybe I would appreciate it more now than I did when I was 17. But I sure thought it was incredibly stupid back then.)


Anonymous said...

I saw the movie (and everybody was sweaty in the film too) and decided that I, indeed, did not want to read the book.

jennymarie1981 said...

I really enjoyed your husband's wrap-up, even though I really did love the book. In fact, I'm sure that Daisy is the reason that I always gravitate toward white clothes.
The joy of art...
we can agree to disagree :)