Monday, July 05, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 166

Thanking God this week for...

666. (generic) Sarna, a bug bite lotion that works better than cortisone or benadryl
667. Elijah's enthusiasm for wholesome foods like eggs and oatmeal, despite eating them almost every single morning
668. hitting the 2/3 mark in memorizing Ephesians
669. inspiration to press on from recent Revive Our Hearts podcasts
670. knowledge to make informed decisions about childbirth and newborn care

671. Steve's selflessly leaving the leftover pizza for me to enjoy
672. cooler temperatures for more bearable walks
673. opportunities to encourage others
674. opportunities to let friends borrow our stuff
675. crepe myrtles in bloom, bright pink everywhere

676. the cup holder on Elijah's carseat
677. a morning enjoying the sights at Centennial Park with my little man
678. Subway's double chocolate chip cookies
679. carts with cars on the front at Kroger
680. the fact that I often don't have to take Elijah grocery shopping with me

681. insights from God's Word
682. lunch with a friend, and how well our kiddos played together
683. flowers from my hubby
684. a new set of pots and pans
685. the improvised pot rack Steve immediately built for them

686. quick, easy, wholesome dinner (recipe coming soon)
687. grace to acknowledge and confess my sin
688. grace that covers it
689. the sensor in our car that stopped me from backing into our other car
690. visit from my in-laws

691. great sale on grass-fed burgers at the farmers' market
692. a new chest freezer, so I actually have space for them
693. good night's sleep to rest my back and hips
694. another Christ-exalting, powerful, relevant sermon from our pastor
695. a Fourth of July church service where our thankfulness for our freedom was acknowledged, but our thankfulness for our freedom in Christ was emphasized, and where we sang praises to Him, not to America

696. the incredible freedoms and privileges and opportunities we *do* enjoy as Americans
697. the men and women who fought and died to secure and preserve those freedoms and blessings
698. Elijah's enjoyment of his first fireworks display
699. the Savior who lived, died and was raised to purchase my eternal freedom from sin and death

holy experience


Danielle said...

I'll have to look into that bug bite cream. My boys are dyin' with bites. Can you get it at the local drug store?

Glad you enjoyed that podcast. I've been memorizing small passages once a month for several months now, which has been "progress" for me in terms of being consistent. I decided to memorize Ps. 1 this month after listening to the podcast and look purchasing her book in the near future, too.

Amy said...

yep, I got mine at CVS - the friend who told me about it said she got it at Walmart - it's called Sarna but CVS carried a store brand. it's camphor and menthol instead of steroid cream. but you might have a hard time finding it because for some odd reason it comes in a huge 7-oz pump bottle instead of the little 1-oz tubes of other itch creams. bug bites don't seem to bother E too much (his LOOK awful, but I think he mostly leaves them alone)...but *I* was the one dying with bug bites last week.

and yeah, thanks again for pointing me to the podcast, good stuff! you'll have to let me know how you enjoy the book if you get it - I put it on my wishlist but won't get to it for a long time I'm sure.

Danielle said...

Got the cream yesterday, seems to be helping! My kids look horrible too (legs).

Sandra Leigh said...

Happy Anniversary!