Monday, December 06, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 185

Thanking God this week for...

1086. tons of diapers to change = my boys' kidneys and bowels work
1087. discipline to blog every day in November
1088. the privilege of interceding for a friend
1089. hearing that God answered my prayers on her behalf
1090. prayer with friends, for the first Tuesday night in ages

1091. the bouncy seat gift from Uncle Josh that lets me eat a meal in peace
1092. grace to die to self in small ways, put my child first
1093. a note from a friend saying she missed me
1094. buttered bread
1095. the desire to practice hospitality

1096. chiropractic care
1097. our insurance deductible being met
1098. a package from friends with gifts for all of us
1099. the way Steve loves and applies the gospel
1100. freshly vacuumed floors

1101. our Christmas tree
1102. Christmas music playing nonstop
1103. play time with Elijah
1104. Jude's appetite
1105. crying children = their lungs work, they believe I care and will help, they trust me

1106. Mom's being here all week!
1107. the fact that Steve doesn't have to travel for work very often
1108. muffins from the freezer
1109. a Sunday back at church
1110. a church that feels like home, one I miss greatly when we're gone

1111. opportunities to testify to His gracious provision
1112. opportunity to lend a car to a friend
1113. five people baptized yesterday
1114. the way Grammy can get Jude to smile--however silly she sounds, it works :)
1115. hemming me in, behind and before


Danielle said...

How's your SI joint doing these days?

Amy said...

aww, thanks for asking :) praise God, it is totally healed. the pain lingered a little longer after Jude was born than it did with Elijah, but it's completely gone now and not bothering me anymore. the chiropractic care is for a recurring issue with my neck...I have a disc that's degenerated, maybe bulging...he says I have a 40-50-year-old's neck. lovely.

Kelly said...

#1088 + #1089 = :)

Danielle said...

I'm having neck issues now too! I think mine are from nursing though. Looking down and falling asleep at times. Glad your for no more joint pain!