Friday, December 31, 2010

A Prayer to End the Year

I tend to get all pensive and introspective this time of year. And my head is overflowing with blog posts...coming soon at Lavender *Sparkles*, in addition to Mega Memory Month, I'm hoping to post:
~Jude's birth story
~thoughts on homebirth
~reviews of the books I read in 2010, fiction and nonfiction
~the paragraph I almost left out of our Christmas letter, and why I kept it in because of the gospel
~our family Christmas pictures (waiting until friends and family have received the snail-mail version)
~outtakes from Elijah's Luke 2 recitation
~that follow-up post on anger I promised Jenny and Zoanna more than a month ago
~pictures and reviews of several handmade baby items I've bought or been given
So stay tuned!

In the meantime, after I got all reflective this morning, I was encouraged and moved by this prayer from Scotty Smith. I so needed his gospel-centered perspective on my introspection! If you subscribe to one new blog in 2011, make it his blog, Heavenward:
Heavenly Father, as I sit quietly before you on the eve of a New Year, I’ve got a healthy case of sad and glad going on inside of me. As I reflect over the past year, both of these emotions dance about, more like allies than enemies… for both are evidence the gospel is at work.
Read the rest of A Prayer About New Year's Eve here. And have a happy new year!

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