Monday, December 13, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 186

Thanking God this week for...

1116. my mother, who taught me last week that serving your kids never ends :)
1117. the countless ways she blessed me by staying with us for a week while Steve was gone on business
1118. opportunities to run errands by myself
1119. time in the kitchen again
1120. the gift of sleep

1121. never sleeping or slumbering, always being watchful and on the throne
1122. grace to exercise self-control
1123. a clean bathroom
1124. California Chicken Salads from O'Charley's
1125. the joy of finding the desk and the kitchen counter under loads of clutter

1126. Christmas music playing nonstop
1127. grace to persevere in breastfeeding
1128. the fat rolls on Jude's thighs
1129. good books
1130. the fact that Steve doesn't travel for work very often

1131. a date with him when he got home Friday night
1132. Elijah's delight in riding the train at the mall
1133. matching sweaters for the boys...cuteness overload :)
1134. opportunities to serve friends
1135. a date with Elijah to see Seussical at Nashville Children's Theatre

1136. Elijah wearing the Cat in the Hat's red and white hat
1137. Steve and Elijah making Grandma Kannel's cranberries
1138. Elijah loving them so much he uses his fingers to get every last taste out of the bowl
1139. our church's "Christmas Spectacular"
1140. the opportunity to serve my church family by reciting the poetic gospel narrative

1141. the way reciting it publicly moves me in a way practicing on my own often doesn't
1142. the ability to memorize
1143. Elijah's ability to memorize
1144. the feeling of changing into sweats after a long day
1145. snow!

1146. an awesome night of sleep last night
1147. quiet time early this morning to get my week off to a great start
1148. the helmet of salvation
1149. a Savior who took on flesh and humbled Himself to death
1150. a Savior who now reigns as Conquering King

1151. twinkly Christmas lights in the early-morning dark
1152. Elijah's simple, unprompted gratitude: "Fanks."
1153. Elijah's exuberant dancing to Christmas music
1154. an irresistible request: "Mama dance?"
1155. Jude's gummy smiles


Anna said...

#1118 One of my favorite things! I feel so efficient all of a sudden. :)

#1140 I wish I could hear it!

#1146 Yay! I'm glad for you.

#1152 I love it.

Amy said...

#1140 - you can, actually...they videoed the whole program. it's long... my thing starts around 1:01.30.