Sunday, November 27, 2011

Adventures in Babywearing

We are very glad to be home tonight after a wonderful week up in Ohio with our families. Can you believe I am on the ball enough to throw up a couple of brand-new photos to continue my NaBloPoMo streak?

Over the weekend I got a couple of fun babywearing shots. Jude didn't get worn as much this week as he usually does, but it was kind of interesting to notice that he seemed to miss it. On Thanksgiving Day he was a bit of a wreck for most of the morning. Steve and I both ended up wearing him quite a bit that afternoon, and later in the day he was absolutely content. It occurred to me that he's used to being on my back almost every day, and he hadn't been all week. I wouldn't be surprised if he was out of sorts because he just needed to reconnect and be close.

Here we are having fun in the backyard at Steve's grandparents' house on Friday afternoon:

And then on Saturday night the whole family was babywearing! I let Elijah ride on my back occasionally--he gets a bit jealous that Jude gets a ride all the time, and with my Boba carrier it's actually not that hard to wear him (the long, dangling legs are more of a bother than the weight!). He gets a huge kick out of being on Mama's back, and it doesn't last more than about ten minutes before he's ready to go play again, so I don't mind. Anyway, Steve put Jude on his back while he grilled hamburgers for supper, and Elijah asked to ride on my back. He was feeling miserable, so I was happy to oblige. Had to snap a photo of this first-time moment when both of us had kids on our backs:

 I honestly do not know what I would do without my baby carrier(s)!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I am on the fence about what carrier to get and I was wondering if you had any advice. I'm trying to decide between the Boba and the Ergo. I know you said you love your Boba -- do you have any experience with the Ergo?

My son is 10 months old, but on the small side (18/19 pounds). I used the Moby when he was tiny and the Baby K'Tan (similar to Moby) since then, but I'm ready for something a little more structured/supportive and also ready to wear him on my BACK, which I think he'll like. I'm 5'6" and 140lbs.

The Boba is a little cheaper on Amazon, so I'm leaning toward that, but it's hard to ignore all the raves for the Ergo!

Amy said...

Yes, we had an Ergo with Elijah, so I've used both extensively. The difference is really pretty negligible. If your only experience is with a wrap and front carries, you will probably be thrilled with either one! We (both Steve and I) loved them both.

Ergo has a pocket for stashing a couple of dipes and a few wipes, which is nice--but honestly I could count on one hand the number of times I have needed or used that. Boba has little detachable stirrups for bigger kids, but we haven't yet discovered how important or useful that is.

I like that the Ergo only has one "tail" at each strap connection instead of two (in other words, the buckles for all the Ergo connections are on the side, and they tighten or loosen only on one side, whereas the Boba buckles are all in the middle with tails for adjusting on both sides). I like that the Boba comes up higher, which is nice for smaller babies and helps prevent older babies from flipping backward. (however, the higher back means Jude can suck on the actual carrier instead of the straps, which I can't protect with sucking pads, and it ends up looking a little gross!)

Boba used to have a really helpful comparison chart on their website, but it looks like they've taken it down in a website revamp. But you see what I mean - most of the things I'm mentioning are nitpicky little details that really don't matter much.

All that to say...if you can get a better deal on the Boba, I'd go with that. FYI, you might also check out - I bought mine used on the forums there and got a great deal for a carrier that looked brand-new and had only been worn a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

THANKS! Very helpful. I think I'm going to go with the Boba. :)

Mrs. VanDervort said...

I would be lost without my babycarriers also. How do people shop or get anything done around the house? I get along fine with my Babyhawk, although my 19 month old is only 20 lbs. Even my 4 year old took an emergency ride in the Babyhawk. I would love a SSC but haven't decided to shell out the big bucks considering the age/weight of my youngest? Is is worth it?

BTW--This is Nicole Bevins (VanDervort) from IWU

Amy said...

Nicole, I've never used a mei tai, so I can't compare them to SSCs. I think SSCs are worth every penny - probably my #1 must-have baby item - but if a mei tai is working well for you, maybe it wouldn't really be worth the extra money. Sorry I can't be more helpful on that one!

Lily said...

The pictures are adorable!