Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy Blogiversary to Me

Today marks the eighth anniversary of this blog. How is that even possible?

I created Lavender *Sparkles* back in 2003, as a college senior--probably when I was supposed to be writing a paper or studying for a test. I only knew about one friend who had a blog, but I loved reading it (he has long since stopped blogging, sadly). So I started my own on a whim. I didn't post again until nine months later, and those first few months of posting were...well, let's just say I've grown up a lot in eight years.

Anyway, here we are, and I still marvel at the idea that there actually are several of you who "read my random musings." Thanks for sticking with me through posting feasts and famines. Thanks for giving me your precious time and putting in your own two cents. Thanks for taking the time to encourage me and for saying my kids are cute. I often think of how I want my blog to be more than it is, but have not devoted the time or the discipline to making that happen. In the meantime, I'm grateful for an outlet to write when the urge does strike me, and for the readers who care about and respond to what I have to say.

I'm also taking nominations for a name change. I really don't like Lavender *Sparkles*, but as my favorite writing prof in college would tell you, I'm terrible at titles.


Danielle said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary! And I have no ideas for a title. I'm bad at them myself. And yes, Lavender Sparkles really doesn't describe what you write here. ;)

JRae said...

At present my creative juices aren't flowing but I am definitely on the lookout for new blog name ideas. You know how I love naming things :P

Anonymous said...

I could call it "Lavender SPRINKLES!!"

Happy Blogiversary, indeed!
Love you!