Monday, November 07, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 225

"...for gratitude to work, there must be one responsible--a Giver of gifts." (N.D. Wilson, Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl)

This isn't just a "things that make me happy" list. I'm disciplining my eyes to run back up the sunbeam to the sun, to recognize the kindness and generosity and extravagant love of the Father who gives all good gifts, including...

2272. a friend's listening to the Spirit and letting Him convict me instead of pointing out what she saw
2273. the way He did, indeed, open my eyes to my sin
2274. the privilege of participating in 40 Days for Life
2275. a gorgeous day for a zoo visit
2276. crisp, sweet, juicy Cameo apples

2277. wrestling meerkats
2278. monkeys screeching, Elijah laughing hysterically
2279. Steve's help peeling, coring and slicing nearly a bushel of Mutsu apples for the freezer (to use on oatmeal pancakes)
2280. long-overdue chores finally finished
2281. eyes to see grace and a heart to celebrate it

2282. opportunities to point out to Elijah in the moment how God is providing grace
2283. Steve's commitment and loyalty to me
2284. Candy Cane Joe-Joes
2285. Elijah singing unrecognizable (made-up?) songs about Jesus
2286. desk unearthed from mountains of clutter

2287. my new once-every-two-weeks babysitter, and the hours she gave me on Friday to be productive without interruptions
2288. fabulous dinner and fun/conversation with friends
2289. Steve's early Saturday morning meetings with a friend
2290. carpooling
2291. reminders that my thoughts and plans are not God's

2292. His thwarting seeds of idolatry growing up in my heart
2293. a long-overdue catch-up phone call with an old friend
2294. the way Steve gets and loves the gospel
2295. the fact that our salvation is works-based: but based on Christ's works, not our own!
2296. a friend letting me borrow her Ergo at church when we left our carrier at home

2297. her graciousness when Jude peed all over it
2298. the humbling experience of realizing we were supposed to have cleanup duty last week but skipped out
2299. children's picture book about autumn leaves
2300. gorgeous, gorgeous weather
2301. mosquitoes finally gone

2302. the motivation that NaBloPoMo provides
2303. YOU, for stopping by here regularly to see what I have to say

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JRae said...

Candy Cane Joe Joe's.....Amen.