Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NaBloPoMo 2011!

NaBloPoMo, here I am...and just in the nick of time :)

I've participated in National Blog Posting Month every year since its inception in 2006, and pulled off the challenge successfully every year but one. I haven't won a prize yet...maybe this will be my year?

I think every November 1, I offer the same cliches: my blog has been lackluster lately, this will give me a good jump start, breathe some new life into the blog, etc, etc. Let's be honest, that hasn't ever happened in any kind of sustained way; in fact, typically I find myself posting even less every December after the 30 posts in 30 days marathon wears me out. So I'm not going to make any silly promises this year. But if nothing else--here's hoping you'll get a steady diet of new content for the next few weeks.

I might be crazy--attempting this with a four-year-old and a one-year-old is going to be a lot harder than with a three-year-old and a brand-newborn--but I'm signing up to give it a shot. With any luck, you'll finally see some of the drafts that have been rolling around in my head for months. If nothing else, you'll get some new recipes and some cute photos of my kiddos :)

Here we go...who's with me?


Elizabeth said...

I'm in for another attempt :)

JRae said...

If by "who's with me?" you mean who will support you and read every blog post....I'm with ya there. However, I'll pass on trying to blog every day in November. :P

Zoanna said...

I'll read steadily and I'm with you in the sense that I might post every day (since it's more of an addiction and joy for me than a challenge). I found the A to Z challenge when I chose a guiding theme .(Mine was "memories" so I could think in alphabetical order--Alden, Bel Loc Diner, etc. Maybe you could choose a theme?) I love reading memoirs.

Ali said...

I really contemplated doing this again this year ... and then realized that I'd be CRAZY to attempt it! I'm excited to read your posts and be inspired to actually get back to my blog, though!