Saturday, November 12, 2011

Surfin' Saturday ~ 11.12.11

Because God Really Knows How to Meet Needs ~ A Holy Experience
When You Are in Desperate Need of Hope ~ A Holy Experience
Ann Voskamp's posts from her Compassion International trip to Ecuador have brought me to tears twice this week. Just beautiful. I really love and believe in the ministry of Compassion, and I think these blogger trips they do are quite amazing. The level of transparency they exhibit really impresses me. If you're not familiar with Compassion and/or don't currently sponsor a child, I'd especially encourage you to check out Ann's posts and explore the possibility of participating in God's grace and generosity to those in need.
[see also: Is Compassion International a Good Investment? - a post from June's blogger trip to the Philippines]

Our Local Occupy Protest ~ That Lady with All of Those Kids
Just made me laugh :)

Food Blog Search
This looks like a neat tool: a custom Google search engine that pulls search results from a couple of thousand hand-selected food blogs, so you can find tested and proven recipes from trusted foodies rather than crossing your fingers that whatever regular Google turns up will be amazing.

Why Read Books? For People. ~ GospelLife
A thoughtful and helpful exhortation to think about *why* I read: "Reading the Great Books opens a window into the minds, hearts, and souls of people. Great literature opens our eyes to the emotions, motivations, and values of people. By understanding people better, we are better able to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to people’s lives."

Samira & Daniel: Hitched!
Just for fun--if you like photography and/or weddings, you'll enjoy checking out the photos from the recent wedding of one of my college suitemates. She looks like a movie star, and the photography is just gorgeous. Incidentally, Samira also has her own calligraphy business, and her work will blow your mind.

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I read that post by Ann too and it was just amazing!