Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Big 3-0


Mom, you're OLD!

My lack of a Multitude Monday post yesterday wasn't for lack of things to be thankful for! It was more like, "I had to use naptime to shower and attempt to make myself beautiful for a hot date" :) The date--dinner at a fabulous hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant and then the Nashville Symphony--wasn't originally intended to be a "birthday date"; friends invited us to the symphony back in January and this was just the date that we happened to be able to go. But on the day after my birthday, it was a delightful way to celebrate turning 30. 

Yes, I have officially left my 20s behind. I must say I'm excited. I don't feel like I want to be 29 forever...30 feels like crossing a threshold, like you're finally distancing yourself from that young-adult status. It's strange and a bit hard to believe, in some ways...but I have two kids and I've been out of college eight years, so it shouldn't be that hard to believe, I guess! 

My birthday weekend kicked off early Friday morning with a UTI. How awesome is that?! Thankful for modern medicine, indoor plumbing, etc. Saturday brought the wonderful treat of opening the mailbox to find all kinds of real mail and a package, so fun. My actual birthday, on Sunday, was uneventful but nice. After church we came home and relaxed...then these two handsome guys made pizza:

And this one just toddled around in a diaper looking adorable:
After dinner, Steve cleaned up the messes in the kitchen and we went for a lovely evening walk. Then I put Jude to bed while Steve made the frosting (which caused him to declare me "high-maintenance"...it was salted caramel buttercream) for my birthday cake. He and Elijah sang to me and I got to blow out candles and enjoy cake and ice cream with them. Then we put Elijah to bed and finished the first Harry Potter movie. Simple, but nice. I have learned the hard way to enjoy whatever comes on my birthday, large or small, as extravagant grace. I welcome my 30s with a smile and declare that I am blessed.



Danielle said...

What a fun way to spend your birthday weekend! And happy birthday and welcome to the big 3-0! :)

LauraS. said...

Salted caramel buttercream? I'm assuming the recipe is coming in the next post, yes? :) Glad you had a nice birthday!

Zoanna said...

Happy belated birthday, Amy. You have a much better outlook than I did when I was turning 30. I would agree to the high maintenance if you wanted salted caramel buttercream icing. I'm lucky to get a storebought, not-on-sale cake, so yes, you are blessed!

Amy said...

I will look up the recipe and post a link - I found it online. it goes with pumpkin cupcakes, YUMMO. also good with chocolate cake, but the cake recipe was a new one and it's NOT a keeper. should have stuck with the smitten kitchen one I know is good.

I love baking, so i would have made the icing myself (I made the cake), but we got back from our walk late, and Steve couldn't exactly nurse Jude down and put him to bed :) --and we wanted (I wanted) to eat the cake *on* my birthday. He's a good sport.

Mom said...

Love the first pic of Jude and your caption.