Monday, March 26, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 240

Thanking God this week for...

2790. the news of my oldest friend's engagement, and her happiness
2791. Jude's newest word: "Ooooo-puh!" (open)
2792. gorgeous, gorgeous weather
2793. time outside to enjoy it before the bugs and the heat arrive
2794. Elijah's spontaneous declaration: "I LOVE my daddy. And Daddy loves ME!"

2795. painted toenails
2796. a dear friend giving up a night with her fiance to babysit my boys
2797. fantastic Thai food
2798. the stunningly gorgeous Schermerhorn Symphony Center
2799. brilliant, talented musicians who wrote and performed the music

2800. the astoundingly creative God who created the world and the people with the capacity for such music
2801. grace to fight against irritation and answer "Mom?" patiently four thousand times in 20 minutes
2802. hopscotch squares up to 30, Elijah eagerly jumping and requesting more
2803. boys taking long, simultaneous naps
2804. Steve asking provocative questions, stimulating theological discussions

2805. a long phone call with my best friend
2806. the work God is doing in her life
2807. a walk on the greenway with a friend
2808. the fact that we can afford high-quality carseats
2809. Kohl's generous return policy

2810. Elijah dressed up and handsome for a special date with Mama

2811. a free meal at IHOP
2812. $5 parking downtown
2813. tickets to Mary Poppins, a Christmas gift from my generous parents

2814. Elijah's enjoyment of the show

2815. a visit from my parents
2816. a visit from my brother and his girlfriend
2817. lively discussion with my family
2818. Mom surprising me with round two of birthday cake (with my favorite candy decorations :)
2819. the opportunity to see and worship with friends at Hope Community Church

2820. lunch with friends after church
2821. thoughtful conversations about important topics
2822. boys sleeping instead of whining on the way home, so Steve and I could continue talking
2823. Steve taking over with Jude when he was a wreck and my patience was shot
2824. being endlessly patient with me when I am so often a wreck


Danielle said...

You still liking your short hair? It sure looks great!! How fun to see a show with Elijah!

Amy said...

Danielle, I HATE my current haircut!! I really liked it the length it was in the fall, a tiny bit longer. I got it chopped chin-length back in January. It's impossible to style, doesn't lay right, and I can't put it up yet. She also gave me bangs of that awkward length where they won't swoop across my forehead without falling in my eyes constantly, but can't be tucked behind my ear. UGH. At least three or four times a week I stand in front of the mirror and say, "I can't wait for my hair to grow out!"

But thanks. :P