Monday, March 12, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 239

Thanking God this week for...

2762. the privilege of voting
2763. freedom to do so without fear
2764. the knowledge that the election will be fair and that its results, however hated, will be respected, not result in war or a military coup or riots
2765. sunny days spent at parks
2766. breakfast for dinner

2767. long conversations with friends
2768. back door decorated with window crayons
2769. pear trees blooming white everywhere
2770. yellow splashes of forsythia
2771. white and purple hyacinth

2772. Steve's gospel insights
2773. his picking little things up at the grocery on his way home from work
2774. our wise and caring pastor
2775. the look of excitement and pride on Elijah's face when he finally conquered a slide that scared him
2776. trips down the slide with Jude in my lap

2777. toilet paper
2778. a friend available to babysit after all
2779. clean baby toes
2780. old journals
2781. Elijah's joy in throwing rocks into the river

2782. Jude giggling at the splashes
2783. a long walk on the greenway with my guys
2784. boys gobbling up pasta with pesto
2785. a Sunday afternoon spent with new friends
2786. their hospitality, and our boys doing so well at their house without naps

2787. being bigger than even the most overwhelming problems
2788. His promises that are TRUE
2789. the gospel and the hope it provides in the midst of hopeless-looking situations


Danielle said...

Window crayons are great, aren't they? We especially love them on rainy days . . .

Amy said...

I had never heard of them until you talked about them somewhere! Added them to the boys' Christmas wishlist and Uncle Josh came through :) I keep forgetting about them, so we haven't used them much, but they are fun. I was relieved to find they clean off very easily :)

Sue said...

The rhubarb is coming up!

Danielle said...

Yes! I use an Enviro Cloth from Norwex and it's not a problem at all!