Monday, July 01, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 289

Thanking God this week for...

5194. little boys' joy in simple games
5195. Elijah slowly learning to read!
5196. Jude pretending to read
5197. fresh lettuce from our garden
5198. coffee chocolate chip muffins

5199. evidence that Compassion's child sponsorship program WORKS
5200. the privilege of sponsoring two kids
5201. a visit with a friend before she moves out of state
5202. popsicles at Las Paletas
5203. black bean tacos with feta and cilantro-lime slaw

5204. snappy grapes
5205. the way my mom has modeled friendship with women
5206. boys finding earthworms, transferring them to our garden
5207. thoughtful, articulate people who challenge my views
5208. Jude "babywearing" with his beloved Clifford

5209. eight quarts of blackberries
5210. an orchard where we can pick, relatively close to our house
5211. Friday night games and fellowship with a few church families
5212. a two-dollar bouquet of zinnias at the farmers' market
5213. Jude snitching blackberries off the kitchen counter

5214. boys insisting on taking their shirts off because Daddy did
5215. Steve's homemade pizza
5216. Jude, when we were reading a book about friends and I asked who his friends are: "Lijah is my fwend!"
5217. an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade
5218. its being conditioned on Christ's perfect obedience, not my own

5219. deep theology discussion with Steve
5220. gorgeous weather--this June has been SO nice compared to last year's 100+ degree days!
5221. a family hike at Percy Warner Park
5222. view of the Nashville skyline
5223. the rumble of distant thunder

5224. the feel of cold butter mixed into soft flour with my fingertips
5225. blackberry shortcake...not quite as good as strawberry, but still delicious
5226. first sweet corn of the summer, eaten off the cob
5227. not merely forcing us to submit, but inviting us to share in His joy


Jamie said...

5220...funniest typo EVER! :)

(See? I still check in on you...and NOW I'll go run all our errands!)

Amy said...

hahahahaha! thanks for pointing that one out :)

[for the curious...I originally typed "this Jude has been SO nice compared to last year"]

Amy said...

p.s. thanks for checking in! I MISS you!!

Danielle said...

Jude and that Clifford, so cute! I finally have internet again and can write comments on blogs. So happy! ;)