Monday, July 29, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 292

Thanking God this week for...

5312. three gallons of blueberries
5313. a friend sharing vulnerable parts of her heart
5314. boys not being bothered by their three gazillion bug bites :(
5315. Steve running to CVS to get itch-relief creams for me to try
5316. reminders of how fragile my body is and that this world is not my home

5317. camphor + menthol
5318. a college acquaintance's spoken word performance of "James: Faith in Motion"
5319. corporate prayer
5320. Elijah's affection and lavish compliments
5321. a swim party with his Mother's Day Out class

5322. crazy-gorgeous weather...I cannot get over how pleasant this summer has been compared to normal Tennessee June and July!
5323. another dance lesson with Steve
5324. the way dancing with him lifted me out of a funk
5325. finally connecting with a new friend
5326. the downtown library

5327. Elijah singing "Jude's song": "Hey Jude, don't take it back. Sing some songs, and make it better..."
5328. Jude's spontaneous, endearing expressions of gratitude
5329. eight years of living in the South
5330. dancing with Steve to Brian Setzer Orchestra's "This Old House" in our living room

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