Monday, July 15, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 290

Thanking God these last couple of weeks for...

5228. eight years of marriage with the man of my dreams
5229. tons of gorgeous, unusually cool weather
5230. getting to surprise Steve at work with a picnic lunch
5231. a sweet friend babysitting so I could go
5232. her beautiful example of servanthood

5233. time to chat with her and simultaneously preach truth to myself
5234. tickle time
5235. snuggle time
5236. tandem bicycles
5237. you, the person who takes time to read my blog

5238. invigorating workouts
5239. Jude loudly and exuberantly singing made-up songs
5240. my friend Danielle's recipe for Lazy Day Duff, aka super easy and delicious blackberry cobbler
5241. a new memory project
5242. yellow cherry tomatoes

5243. spiral staircases
5244. Jude reciting The Little Engine That Could from memory while turning the pages of a totally different book
5245. Elijah's hilarious facial expressions and gestures when talking on the phone
5246. my nephew's one-word exclamations: "Amy! Bi-urk (fireworks)!" "Amy! Bug!"
5247. fireworks and floating lanterns

5248. screened-in porch with a swing
5249. an ice cream date with my niece
5250. a fabulous novel to read just for fun
5251. old people thinking Steve and I were newlyweds
5252. birds singing, swooping, squawking, swiping

5253. sunlight filtering across the yard
5254. Steve building an epic train track for the boys
5255. bright pink umbrella with ruffled edges
5256. pizza subs with my BFF
5257. bermuda shorts

5258. hundreds of fireflies blinking along the roadside
5259. kids swinging, sliding, hanging, climbing
5260. kids splashing, giggling, dogpaddling
5261. rash guards = less sunscreen
5262. warm, chewy, gooey brownies

5263. Granny's laugh
5264. family stories
5265. grace to apologize to Elijah
5266. post-storm sky, a brilliant gray-turquoise
5267. a cookie date with Elijah

5268. Jude articulating his feelings: "Dat make me sad!" "Dat make me mad!"
5269. old buildings and their history
5270. modern conveniences like air conditioning and indoor plumbing
5271. orange sun sinking into water
5272. lush pink hydrangeas

5273. Psalm 78
5274. fifty-cent train rides
5275. family beyond what I deserve
5276. eternal home, family and Father far beyond the best I have known in this life


Salty Beaches Write said...

#5251 is my favorite :) So cute.

Amy said...

I know, right? it was so fun :) we took a little day-cruise on Lake Erie and there was a tour group of retirees. early in the morning we were sitting near several of them and later on, a man talked to Steve in the bathroom: "How long have you two been married?" when Steve said 8 years, the man said, "That long, huh? The ladies thought you must have just gotten married. They think you two make a nice couple." made my day :)