Monday, July 22, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 291

Thanking God this week for...

5277. lunch at a hole-in-the-wall Thai place with my mom
5278. late night workouts at Mom's gym
5279. iced cappuccino
5280. old family photos
5281. ice cream with my best friend and all our crazy boys

5282. Jude with Blue Moon ice cream all over his face
5283. kids splashing in an inflatable pool
5284. glaring reminders of my weakness, sin, need for a Savior
5285. Steve's encouragement that those around me need Jesus, not me
5286. a road trip with my mother-in-law

5287. boys being *awesome* travelers
5288. Ramona audiobooks
5290. sweet reunion with Steve
5291. the reality that sweet reunions with loved ones on earth are but a shadow of the joy when we finally see Christ face to face

5292. Steve's brother coming down to help with house projects for a few days
5293. his mom's willingness to make the long trip with me and the boys
5294. beautiful evidence of His grace at work in friends
5295. a friend's beautiful example of repentance
5296. getting a tour where Steve works, being able to picture him at his desk now

5297. his company taking safety very seriously
5298. rhubarb!
5299. a new stove, handed down from my ever-generous parents
5300. Sarah Kay's spoken word poetry (wow-out-loud videos here and here)
5301. our house finally refinanced, at less than half our former rate

5302. tiny freckles sprinkled across Elijah's nose and cheeks
5303. an evening to catch up with Steve
5304. hearing how I had an impact on someone, a decade after the fact
5305. zinnias in a mason jar
5306. first zucchini pizza of the summer

5307. the joy of raising boys who love books

5308. our church, extra precious after two weeks away
5309. Steve making an obstacle course all through the house for the boys
5310. Grandma Kaylor's rhubarb crunch
5311. His sovereign love

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