Friday, October 18, 2013

Inheritance, Injustice, and a Greater Story

A king, dissatisfied with the riches he already has, attempts to buy a vineyard from an average citizen. When the citizen refuses, holding his family inheritance too dear to sell it even to a king, the king pouts like a child.

"What's your problem?" asks his queen. "You're a king--you can do whatever you want." She promptly makes arrangements to have the vineyard owner falsely accused of blasphemy and executed. "Problem solved," she tells her husband. "The vineyard is yours."

On the surface, 1 Kings 21 is a straightforward story of two wicked rulers scheming to commit injustice and offending a holy God. But if you look a little more closely, you see another main character. Ahab and Naboth and Jezebel aren't the point of this story--and, for that matter, I am not the point of my story.

Check out my post at Pick Your Portion today to read about how I see Jesus in the story of Naboth's vineyard

And while you're there, subscribe! I count it a privilege to be a part of Pick Your Portion. The concept is brilliant and unique: a group of writers and artists gathered around the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. Each weekday, a contributor offers an essay or a piece of artwork as a reflection on one of that day's Scripture readings. Founder Lisa Velthouse explains:
There is sitting at his feet, and there is everything else. His word is the good portion, other things are distraction. They are distraction even in the shape of a welcome wagon for the Lord of the universe. Christ’s implied question to Martha—to anyone—is clear: Are you here for what you’re doing, or are you doing what you’re doing because of me?
Pick Your Portion is an effort in sitting at the Lord’s feet, listening to his teaching. Our aim is to provide a pause among the everyday fragments of life, reminding ourselves and others to stop and long for God’s voice as it echoes all around. We’re here to be mindful—among relationships and responsibilities, troubles and anxieties, grocery lists, meeting requests, and laundry piles—of the good news of our Redeemer. This site lives in wonderment about who God is and what, through Christ, he has accomplished.
The contributor lineup features almost two dozen women - single and married, younger and older, in the workforce and staying home, mothering and not. And these talented women from various seasons of life are helping me see the beauty of Jesus all over Scripture, helping me remember the Main Thing.

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[This post is part of the series "31 Days of Seeing Jesus"--click here for a list of all posts.]

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