Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Like My New Look?

Whoohoo! (Or for Kathryn: Whoo! Hoo!) No, you didn't end up on a different blog--it's still me! I was tired of the old look...and didn't want to use any of Blogger's other templates, really. TypePad generally has better ones but who wants to pay for their blogging service? Finally I found a website with some converted TypePad templates for Blogger. Unfortunately I know only enough HTML to be dangerous, and not enough to do everything I want to do (like get rid of the arrows in front of post titles). So be patient as I work the kinks out (like try to figure out how to get that picture to stop cutting off)...and meanwhile, enjoy :) I feel like a little kid showing off a flashy new pair of shoes!


Winz said...

im desperate to get a purple template for my blog. how did you do it?

Jules said...

Love the new look!

The Chinlund Family said...

ooooh, the purple is so pretty! I love it!