Wednesday, November 23, 2005


You can never be too thankful. Not just on Thanksgiving, but 365 days a year. Gratitude is so closely linked with humility, and so closely linked with faithfulness. Sadly, how often I am like Eve, who took her eyes off all the blessings she had been given and chose to focus on the one thing she did not have. So to put life in perspective, and in honor of my beloved friend Kelly, who has a new blog!...

100 Reasons to Thank My Heavenly Father:

  1. The incarnation
  2. The cross
  3. The empty tomb
  4. The promise of eternal life
  5. My incredible husband
  6. Loving and supportive parents
  7. Wonderful in-laws
  8. God's sovereignty
  9. Bright colors
  10. Clear and starry night skies in the country
  11. The ability to walk
  12. Mentors Diane and Lyn
  13. Clothes that keep me warm
  14. Shoes that fit
  15. Grace
  16. Dogs
  17. The ability to sing
  18. Laughter
  19. Chocolate
  20. A dream wedding and honeymoon
  21. Singing in the IWU Chorale
  22. Hot showers
  23. Old friends
  24. New friends
  25. Extended family
  26. God's constant and unchanging nature
  27. Indoor plumbing
  28. Fuzzy slippers
  29. Thick blankets
  30. Good metabolism
  31. My own copies, in my own language, of God's Word
  32. Sight
  33. Taste
  34. Touch
  35. Smell
  36. Hearing
  37. Memory
  38. Sanity
  39. My trusty Toyota Camry (and the good gas mileage it gets)
  40. Our apartment
  41. A computer and high-speed internet
  42. Getting to be part of God's provision and blessing to someone else
  43. A college education
  44. Literacy
  45. Ballpoint pens
  46. Freedom to worship God without persecution
  47. Calvary Bible Church
  48. Notes of encouragement
  49. Unlimited time during the day to spend with God
  50. A dishwasher
  51. Health insurance
  52. Air conditioning
  53. Heat
  54. Volumes of old journals
  55. Lakeside
  56. Sunday night Bible study
  57. The ease of long-distance communication
  58. Digital camera
  59. Changing seasons
  60. Kingdom Building Ministries
  61. Medicine
  62. Furniture
  63. The convenience of a grocery store
  64. Washing machine and dryer
  65. God's steadfast love
  66. God's discipline
  67. Unexpected phone calls from friends
  68. College professors who cared about me and poured into me
  69. CD collection
  70. Growing up in a stable and whole home
  71. Electricity
  72. Permission to approach God's throne boldly
  73. Assurance that He hears and will answer my prayers
  74. Forgiveness for my sin
  75. God's patience with me
  76. Chapstick
  77. Computer programs that make it easier to study the Bible
  78. Joy
  79. Hope
  80. Sleep
  81. God's wisdom and guidance
  82. Scented candles
  83. Backrubs
  84. Knowing I am never truly alone
  85. Fresh insights and perspectives from other believers
  86. Hugs
  87. Kisses
  88. Girls I've mentored
  89. Smiles
  90. Children
  91. The Holy Spirit and the seal of redemption on me
  92. God's promise that He'll finish what He started in me
  93. Pizza
  94. Traveling with Brother's Keeper
  95. Clean air and the ability to breathe easily
  96. Safe drinking water
  97. Protection from so much evil (from without and from within)
  98. The battle has already been won
  99. Mercy
  100. Being known intimately
What about you? What are you thankful for?


Kelly said...

I love it!!!

I feel so honored that I inspired something on "AMY'S"!!!

he he... This is fun! :)

I'm afraid I haven't gotten much work done today...

Amanda said...

I am thankful for a husband who baked stuffed chicken today (complemented by my mashed potatoes and pie) and a whole holiday with nothing to go to until 6 p.m. Sometimes you just need a holiday with your immediate fam (ie, me & Josh) sometimes, you know?

Hope all is well, Amy. :)

Kayla said...

Amy, I have to add 101 to your list. ICECREAM!!!!!!!!!!