Monday, November 14, 2005

My (Brother's) Old Kentucky Home

Steve and I took a road trip up to Kentucky on Saturday to visit my (not-so-) little brother at Eastern Kentucky University. He's a junior now and I had never been to see him at his school, so we finally made a trip. Plus, of course, I needed to meet the new girlfriend (can I just say how weird it is to hear your little brother call someone "baby"??). I even brought him fresh-baked cookies, am I a good sister or what? :) The four of us went to the EKU football game, then Josh gave us a campus tour and took us to see the fire station where he is a co-op. He's on shift (24 hours on, 48 hours off) just like all the other guys, except he gets paid a lot less and he goes to class if he has class during a shift--otherwise he eats and sleeps at the station and everything. Here he is in front of "his" truck, Engine 1. Sorry about the poor quality. The lighting in the garage wasn't the best, plus he was so thrilled about posing for pictures for his embarrassing older sister.

And here he is inside the truck, showing us where they sit and put on their air packs on the way to a fire. (He even let us get up in the truck :)

After that we went out to eat at a local joint and then back to his (way nice for a college student) apartment for a bit before heading home. I didn't get any pictures of Josh and Jess--didn't want to push the doting/embarrassing big sister card and have my camera out any more than necessary--but for the curious, here's a shot of them from his birthday a couple of months ago. She made him a cake: everyone say "awwwwwwww..."

Anyway, it was a fun time. Short visit, but good to see him.

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