Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Word Cloud

Thought this was interesting: a visual expression of what I talk about here at Lavender *Sparkles*. Thanks to eucatastrophe for the heads-up on the cool website that generated this.

Get your own word cloud here.


Aeron said... comment to you is that i miss you a lot and think you are pretty awesome. :) i will let you know when i got some free time to come see you...i move down there october 16th, and then move back to marion december 14th (i think) ya lots! :)

Anonymous said...

That's really neat. I'll have to try it our.

rebekah said...

hey amy!!!
sorry i have dropped off the face of the earth -- i am alive and here, just been busy. BUT -- you can see the car in person because we need to meet SOON for coffee... have a suggestion on a night?

oh, my computer has died... so sad, so i am in the middle right now trying to decide what to do. the phone might be our best option.
see you soon.