Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inspiring Faith

There's another blogger I've been taking note of lately. I didn't give her a "Thinking Blogger Award," but I want to point you in her direction for a couple of reasons.

Zoanna, who blogs at A Penchant for Pens, is another beautiful Christian woman whom I know only through blogging. (There will be, I think, some kind of fun bloggers' reunion in Heaven, where I get to meet all the amazing brothers and sisters I've gotten acquainted with via computer screen!) It's not simply that she makes me think, but rather that her faith often inspires me.

She and her daughter are in the midst of raising funds for a mission trip to serve orphans in Russia, and I am blown away as I watch her simultaneously working her tail off, yet humbly trusting God to provide. When you think of raising money for a mission trip, what first comes to mind? For me it's "support letters." But for Zoanna, it was, "What can I do to earn money myself?" From selling handmade wreaths at Christmas, to selling home-cooked meals to local friends, to putting items up on eBay and organizing what sounds like it will be a massive yard/bake sale, Zoanna hasn't just sat back lazily and waited for the money to pour in.

And yet it's clear that all her efforts are springing from a heart to magnify the Lord. She'll probably be embarrassed when she sees this post, because her intention is not to be seen as great herself, so I want to be clear: the point is not for you to admire her, but to see the trustworthy, good, sufficient God she hopes in and serves.

Ultimately all her enterprising activities can't get Zoanna and her daughter to Russia--God has to provide. And she fully, unswervingly expects Him to. So I hope you'll head over to her blog today. First to see an example of what it means to earnestly trust and seek Him (today's post is a perfect example). Second, to see if God might lead you to help--the money is due by Monday. I have learned over and over what a blessing it is when He lets us be a part of His provision to others!

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