Monday, April 23, 2007

Win an Ergo Baby Carrier

Two friends of mine have given rave reviews to the Ergo Baby Carrier, telling me it's one of the most important things I should buy. Just found out today that this website is giving one away to a lucky mama! Thought I would pass the info along for anyone else who's interested.


Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks! A friend is letting me borrow her Baby Bjorn and I was thinking of buying the Ergo to compare the two. I like the fact that you can use the Ergo on your back too.

faith ann raider said...

That is the most AWESOME baby carrier site I have ever seen!!! I personally like the pouch concept best of what I've tried. It's more versatile, and sleek, but my sisters both use ring slings. Thanks for the link! I saved it to my favs.