Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thankful Thursday, Take 29

Thanking God this week for...

  • coffee with Rebekah on Tuesday night
  • the way the internet connects you to people you've lost touch with, and people you've never met
  • a day of shopping and lunch with a friend
  • hearing her 20-month-old yell, "Amy! Amy!" with an excited grin on his face from across the checkout lanes at JoAnn
  • the category of crafty things I needed being on sale this week at JoAnn
  • pizza buffets
  • the giant slab of beef Steve is bringing home tonight (something like this)
  • indoor plumbing
  • clean water
  • encouragement from people I don't even know
  • freedom
  • finding cute wallpaper border for the nursery
  • grace greater than all my sin
  • His faithfulness when I am unfaithful
  • His unchanging nature when I am so inconsistent


beyondimensions said...

Hey great stuff here. Thanks! Keep 'er going.

Jal said...

Bem legal o seu blogue! Cheio de estilo e de cores.
Quem são vocês?
De onde vieram?

Amy said...

um, hi...anyone care to translate that????

Anonymous said...

Hey, you little stinker! That's MY favorite chicken recipe, and you stole it! Did you come over and dig through my cookbook again? No, seriously, I use this too, but my recipe calls for white cooking wine rather than milk. Mmm... ;)