Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Katherine Coble was the first Nashville blogger I connected with through the vast community that is Nashville is Talking, and is still the one I read most frequently. I still haven't met her in person, but I hope to--this lady consistently makes me think and makes me laugh. She's one of those prolific bloggers you can count on to have something new up pretty much every day, and the breadth of topics is mind-boggling (in a good way)--from politics to television to Christianity to taking on a scam business. So when I saw on her blog today that she'd been nominated for a "Thinking Blogger Award," I wasn't remotely surprised.

Then I kept reading, and saw that she was passing along the nomination. The cool thing about this award is that it's not an entry into a competition where there's all kinds of voting, and you're head-to-head with huge name blogs or people you don't even know, and one person comes out on top. It's an award given out again and again, with strings attached: If you receive it, you have to award it to five other people.

So Katherine provided her list...and to my amazement, a link to little old Lavender *Sparkles* was #5 on her nominations. I was more than a little surprised--especially considering the company I was in and who was nominating me!

I'm especially speechless because I feel like the thoughtfulness on this blog is spotty at best. My aim for this blog has long been to be profound and make people think, at least occasionally...unfortunately I don't think I accomplish this as often as I'd like. And part of the problem is just plain laziness. It takes time and thought to put together a thoughtful post (obviously)--and lately you've been more inundated with pregnancy updates, quotes from other thoughtful bloggers, and life update fluff than with actual thoughtful posts. Thanks for sticking around despite the randomness of the content here.

Now comes the hard part: choosing only five people whose blogs make me think. The truth is, there are far more than just five of these on my blogroll, and this will definitely be a hard choice. But to accept the award, I have to pass it without further ado, my nominations:
  1. Words on the Side
    I'm starting with a sort of outside-the-box nomination. Christin's blog makes me think, but not in the same way as many others. She makes me slow down and appreciate beauty; she makes me look at life through more contemplative eyes. Creative writing is her passion, and so her blog is designed not to inform or to persuade, not to challenge overtly or stimulate debate, but to evoke a sense of wonder. Her blog is especially on my mind this week because her latest post, "In Love," is perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces I've read from her.

  2. GospelDrivenLife
    No surprise here, if you're a regular reader of my blog. Mark Lauterbach's cross-centered, resurrection-centered blog is the one I quote perhaps more than any other. That's because his posts are consistently "wow out loud" reflections on what it means to keep the gospel at the heart of life. I only wish the church he pastors wasn't located all the way out in San Diego.

  3. Cerulean Sanctum
    Just this morning, Dan hit another homerun of a post. His is a blog of deliberate, provocative content--no randomness here. And he's not afraid to make the unpopular statements about the church today, challenging Christians to rethink our assumptions and stop comfortably settling into the status quo.

  4. Ordinary Mother
    Laurie doesn't blog as often as I wish she would--understandably so, as she's certainly got her hands full homeschooling four kiddos. But when she does blog, her posts are full of helpful insights on God's Word, reflections on being a wife and mom, and love for the Savior. She often makes me think more deeply about what it means to follow Him passionately and faithfully as a woman.

  5. Solo Femininity
    Carolyn definitely doesn't write only for single women--and if you've avoided clicking over because you thought otherwise, you've missed out. Her posts, whether they're reflections on what she's reading, challenges to obey God in certain areas, or encouragements to find grace at the cross, seldom fail to provoke me to love Him with my mind and heart. Her trust and security in the Lord are evident in everything she writes.
So I offer congratulations and thanks to Katherine, for being a thoughtful blogger and for awarding me, and to my own nominees, for making me think and contributing valuable content to the world of blogging. Here are your instructions, from the creator of the Thinking Blogger Awards:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (there are even gold and silver versions so you can pick which you like best).

Know that even if I did not nominate you, yours is likely one of many other blogs I appreciate and keep coming back to--because you make me think, because you make me laugh, or because I love seeing cute pictures of your kids and hearing updates about your life. Thanks for blogging!


Snowly said...

WOW! I LOVE your blog!!!! It is so cool please visit mine.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I just found this post and am honored (and shocked) that you chose my blog as a "thinky" type blog. Especially with the Elmo cakes and all :). Very kind and I hope to get blogging more regularly once we finish school. Thank you for your encouragement.