Friday, April 20, 2007

Thankful for Sunbutter

I first read about Sunbutter over at Shauna's place. Never heard of it? Me either. But her review of it in last week's Thankful Thursday list (you have her to thank for getting me started with those :) was enough to make me check it out. She wrote:

Sunbutter. Sunbutter. Sunbutter. Why didn’t someone tell me about this stuff sooner? And if you did, why didn’t you shove a spoon in my face to show me the light? It’s good stuff, people. Spread it on a sandwich. Or an apple. Or just lick the spoon — yum.
Curious, I clicked over, and as I read about what it was, I thought of a friend of mine whose three-year-old has a peanut allergy. My friend has mentioned how much she and her husband miss peanut butter, so I emailed the link to her, thinking maybe it would be something they could try.

This week I got an enthusiastic email from her, thanking me profusely for the tip. She had never heard of it, but immediately ordered a bunch and is so excited about the prospect of having a product that's completely safe for their family. It seemed like a little thing to me to pass it along, but it was a huge blessing to her--so I'm spreading the word to you all in case any of you are in the same boat. It makes me smile how the little things in life make a difference, and how Thankful Thursday can have such a neat ripple effect.

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