Friday, April 20, 2007

What Do You Know Good?

Contrary to my in-laws' persistent belief, we aren't hillbillies just because we moved across the Mason-Dixon line, and we actually aren't surrounded by hicks here in middle Tennessee. In fact, there are just as many people without Southern accents in our church as those with drawls*--which can probably be attributed to the fact that as Nashville becomes more of a metropolis, there are more and more transplants from up where we talk right ;) KIDDING, Southerners! You know I love you!

Anyway, a little more drawling goes on at the factory where Steve works, and he keeps me entertained with unusual expressions he hears there. Our favorite so far is, "What do you know good?" As a greeting. Like instead of saying, "Hey, Steve, what's up?", or "Hey, how are ya?", he has actually been asked, "Hey Steve, whaddaya know good?" I didn't believe he was telling the truth about this until I actually heard someone say it myself. I swear to you, people really do talk like that down here.

He emailed me a new one today:

I've learned that the South is full of odd expressions, such as the one you already know about:

"What do you know good?"

But just now, I heard one that makes the least sense yet:

"You know, people have more fun than anybody."

What do you suppose the proper response to that is? Yes? No? What!?

*Disclaimer: Upon rereading, I realized it sounds like I'm saying people who talk with a Southern drawl are automatically hicks. That's not what I mean--I actually love listening to Southern accents. I think they're charming.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Amy. It's good to know someone likes my Southern drawl...LOL. :)

Amanda said...

The one I can't figure out is said constantly around's like a double positive, if there's such a thing: "might could."

As in, "we might could go to Chik-Fil-A for lunch if we get out of this meeting soon enough."

:) Ah, the south....

Anonymous said...

Yes..."might could" is used alot around here too. So is "fixing". Like, "I'm fixing to go to the store." I use "fixing" alot!