Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Blogging Until Baby

OK, OK, everyone...let's not jump to conclusions...48 hours without a blog post does not automatically mean Amy is at the hospital in labor :)

I do understand the suspense though. I have felt the same way when pregnant blogger friends of mine went a while without posting! So, I'll make you a deal: Now that it's August, I'll start posting daily until the baby comes. If a whole day goes by without a post...don't hold your breath, it might just be pregnancy brain causing me to forget. But if two whole days pass and you still haven't heard from me, you can safely assume I'm at the hospital. If you get lucky I might even post telling you we're on our way there (I should have time as I plan to labor at home as long as possible--though who knows if I'll be in the mood to stop and sit down at the computer to blog :).

It'll be good for me to be disciplined about blogging every day, and then you all can relax :) Deal?


Anonymous said...

deal! :) My friend I had told you about had her baby yesterday so it is safe to say i was one of the curious ones...Can't wait for the big day!! Tell Steve hi for me! love you ame!

Anonymous said...

yea! Thank you Amy!!

The Chinlund Family said...

sounds good! I can see how I might have been the friend that kept everyone in suspense, I'm sorry and I promise I won't do that with the next one! Can't wait to hear the news Ames! So excited for you!

Amy said...

ha ha...yes, Kate, you were totally one of the ones who kept us all biting our nails and wondering ;) certainly no need to apologize for it though--we were just all excited for you and dying to hear, but there are more important things than blogging :)