Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Single Motherhood

I am completely unable to fathom how single moms do it.

Elijah and I are in Ohio staying with my parents this week. Steve came home with us for my grandmother's funeral, but he had to go back to work today, so he returned to Tennessee alone. We figured it would be a lot easier on the little guy if he and I stayed in Ohio rather than making the long trip so many times in a short span, so we're here through Thanksgiving and Steve will rejoin us in a few days.

The thing is, I have plenty of support, in terms of doting grandparents who are elated to spend time with their only grandchild. Yet it's totally not the same as having a partner in parenting. I'm on my own at two a.m., for one thing. And while my mama's boy will generally take Daddy as an acceptable substitute, Pops and Grammy just will not do when he is whiny and clingy after skipping his afternoon nap. Plus, the impatience that causes the whining? Let's just say Elijah didn't inherit that from his dad.

So today, all I have the energy for is a little whining of my own, about how much I miss my husband, and a wholehearted salute of admiration and respect for you mamas doing this parenting thing on your own.


Anonymous said...

Amem, sistah!

Anonymous said...

Amem? Try amen.

Jamie said...

Been there...ahem...AM there! And He gives us more grace! :)