Saturday, November 22, 2008

Surfin' Saturday: Metro Moms

I think many of my readers are familiar with the blog GirlTalk, run by Sovereign Grace's Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters. However, I suspect you may not be aware of another group blog run by some wonderful women from a different Sovereign Grace church: Metro Moms, a ministry of Metro Life Church in Casselberry, Florida.

The tagline for this blog is "Investigating the joys and challenges of motherhood through the lens of God’s faithfulness and grace." I've found it to be just that. Countless posts from the godly ladies in this group have convicted, encouraged, or inspired me in my walk as a wife, mother and follower of Christ.

The women typically organize the blog by writing several posts over a week or more on the same topic. Right now they're in the middle of a series called "Celebrating Evidences of Grace in Those We Love," which I'll admit I haven't really been following closely. But I'd encourage you to browse through the archives, and/or subscribe in anticipation of future helpful series. The categories are listed in the sidebar.

One series that sticks out in my memory is Training and Disciplining Young Children, which included a mini-series-within-a-series from one of the older, more seasoned mothers called "Musings from the Back Nine." This was such a helpful perspective for me. We're called to learn from older women who have been there, done that, and sadly, I do not have as much connection with wise older women as I would like. I appreciate hearing their hard-earned wisdom anywhere I can get it!

I browsed through my bookmarks to find some of my favorite posts from Metro Moms; here's a sampling with quotes to pique your interest:

Saving the Most Important for Last - "When personal time with the Lord becomes an option in our daily schedule, we are already steeped in self-sufficiency. Whether you are expecting your first baby or are the busy mom of multiple children, you (like me!) need the strength, wisdom, love and counsel of God to handle the humanly overwhelming charge to raise children to know and serve their Savior."

Some Final Thoughts - "When the Savior bought me with the price of His sinless blood on the cross, He laid rightful claim to every moment of every day of my life through eternity. So if you’re waiting for the day when you can “get your life back” (as I recently read one author say about midlife when the kids are grown) please stop. Most of the same sins I battled when I was your age I’m still battling. And the same need I had for God’s strength to give my life away 24/7 then remains my need today."

I Just Don't Want to Share - "True freedom is the liberty to love and serve others while fighting self-indulgence."

Head over to Metro Moms to be spurred on to growth as a woman and pointed to the glorious gospel!

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