Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WFMW: Bleaching in the Sun

Some of you may already know that Shannon, the famous "mommyblogger" at Rocks in My Dryer, hosts "Works for Me Wednesday" every week. I've never participated before, and in fact don't know many bloggers who do, but it seemed like a good source for a prompt this week as I strive to complete NaBloPoMo.

So on this Works for Me Wednesday, I'd like to share the helpful secret every cloth diapering mama knows, but too many others have never heard: the incredible bleaching power of the sun.

When I started cloth diapering, I'd been told that hanging diapers in the sun would take care of the stains. But when I pulled that first load of prefolds out of the washer and saw the bright mustard-colored stains (you mamas who have breastfed know exactly what I'm talking about), I was more than skeptical. It was way too big a leap of faith for me to think that simple sunshine would make those diapers white again.

But hang them on the line I did, and when I took them down at the end of the day, I was a believer. Spotless. You actually couldn't tell which diapers had been pooped in--I swear.

I don't know how well it works on formula-fed babies' poop, or on other kinds of stains. But I can absolutely vouch for the effectiveness of sunshine when it comes to breastfed poo. That stuff does NOT come out in the wash, and I've heard many a mama talk of throwing away a favorite outfit after she thought it was ruined by a blowout. No more! It doesn't just work for diapers--I've seen hopeless stains disappear from colored pants, too, after a day in the sunshine. And it doesn't matter if you've already dried the clothing in the dryer. I was always taught that once you've done that, the stain is "set" and you might as well forget about removing it. Not so; the sun can still take it out. Just a note: It works better if you hang things wet, and it may take a couple of tries.

The bleaching power of the sun is nothing short of miraculous. It totally works for me!


Anonymous said...

I especially love hanging out our bedding on the line. Smells so fresh and lovely when I make the bed. Well, I guess I have to wait a few more months for that smell again!

CRICKET said...

I am always in awe of those who do the cloth diapers!