Saturday, November 08, 2008

Unable to Overcome My Wordiness, I Defer to Abraham as Master of the Bite-Sized Blog Post

Can you be poignant or provocative in fifty words? Abraham Piper can do it in 22—with a pointed question, a witty statement or an adorable video of Orison. He challenged us to "share the joy of blogospheric brevity," but I find I can’t match wits with his pithy prose.


Anonymous said...

Your post pointed perfectly to pithy prose--a priceless piece I've been presently privileged to peruse,

Anonymous said...

Just 23 more days until the end of November. Keep up on the nablopomo trail. If you like, visit my blog. I am combining nablopomo with excerpts from my novel for nanowrimo, so there should be plenty to say.

Christa Allan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...loving the alliteration!