Friday, October 08, 2010

Just Checking In

I had every intention of blogging daily, like I did last time, from late September until Baby's arrival. Well...yeah. I guess after that little flurry of posting over the last couple of weeks, I ran out of steam.

I don't have a whole lot to report, really. We're just in a holding pattern of sorts, waiting on labor to start and life to turn upside-down :) I'm thankful that my hips haven't been hurting quite so much, and that I'm in a much better place in terms of fear and anxiety than I was a week or so ago. I'm growing eager to meet this new little one, but am sleeping pretty well and emotionally doing well and therefore not (yet) to that dreaded "I am SO DONE being pregnant!!" point that so many mamas deal with at the very end of pregnancy.

Just staying close to home, trying to do a little more decluttering or put a couple more meals in the freezer, enjoying a donut date with my little buddy. Trying to soak up the early morning extended times with the Lord that I know will end soon, the one-on-one time with Elijah, and the quiet time I have to relax and do whatever I want while Elijah is napping or playing by himself. And thanking God that I don't have obnoxious family members or friends calling me constantly and bugging me about when the baby is going to come :)

Thanks for your prayers as we prepare for the birth of our second child!


Rebecca said...

That was a sweet update. You sound very content and peaceful. Can't wait to see pics of your new little one!

Zoanna said...

Glad you "checked in." I was about to become your annoying surrogate sister saying, "Well, have ya had that baby yet?" Everybody needs somebody to play that role. :(

Sounds like you're in a lovely "holding pattern," and that the holding will become quite literal soon. Looking forward to the news, when'ere it blows.

Anonymous said...

...*putting phone down*...