Monday, October 04, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 178

Thanking God this week for...

934. catch-up phone call with a friend
935. the new ring sling a sweet friend made for me--can't wait to try it out!
936. opportunities to bake for Steve's co-workers
937. prompting people to pray for me, and to let me know that they are praying
938. bobby pins

939. paper muffin cups
940. Elijah's sense of humor
941. long white tank tops to wear under the maternity shirts that are too short :)
942. the safe arrival of Lydia's baby
943. Steve running to the grocery, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathtub

944. relief from the hip pain
945. sweater weather
946. walking barefoot on clean floors
947. early morning conversations with Steve
948. early morning prayer

949. time spent baking with Elijah
950. bubbling crockpots
951. blog comments
952. frozen pizza
953. warm homemade apple butter

954. sealed jars of strawberry-rhubarb jam lined up on the counter
955. my doula
956. Steve's transfer/promotion and raise at work!
957. dinner out to celebrate
958. movie night

959. friendly people at the farmers' market
960. free healthy (100% grass-fed beef!) hot dogs
961. University School of Nashville's Fall Book Frenzy
962. the joy of watching Steve and Elijah play an invented game and laugh uproariously
963. vegetable beef soup on a cool, windy fall day

964. clean toddler toes
965. His extravagant creativity
966. ministering to me through the lyrics of a song we sang at church
967. sending Jesus to conquer and destroy the power of death
968. the promise that we will be with Him and be like Him

969. grace to preach truth to my fearful heart
970. cuddles from Elijah after his nap
971. Elijah working on puzzles, humming to himself
972. Elijah "reading" favorite books to me
973. time fasting from the computer

974. Psalm 100
975. the knowledge that I am welcome in His presence

holy experience


Danielle said...

Sorry you're still having hip pain. Hope it once you deliver you it no longer will bother you! And congratulations on Steve's promotion/raise!

Ashley said...

#941...I know exactly how that feels! :-)

admin said...

Hi Amy! :) I love the word, "uproariously"- that is so descriptive!

Hope you're doing well- just checking in on your blog and wanted to say HI!