Monday, October 25, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 181

Yesterday evening I opened my visual journal for the first time since Jude's birth--I was itching to make a gratitude list. Funny how once you start counting blessings, you find it hard to stop...

I started scribbling down all the gifts my generous Father has showered on me over the last few days and before I knew it, I had 112 blessings listed. Such grace. Rather than retyping the entire list here, or even choosing a few highlights, tonight I am thanking God for one that encompasses the rest:

1043. grace to TASTE and SEE that He is good.

He is always good--but I in my fear and unbelief am so often blind to His faithfulness and love. Over the last few days He has given me fresh sight, and I am grateful to feel grateful.

holy experience


Kelly said...

Oh how this blesses my heart to hear! I love you so much!!!!!!! Rejoicing with you!

Lauren said...

Even after giving birth, you still manage to post your Multitude Mondays… They are always such a blessing and encouragement to me to read each week!
I did one of my own :)