Monday, October 18, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 180

Thanking God this week for...

1002. a visit from Lydia and her sweet baby girl
1003. warm chocolate chip cookies, baked with help from Elijah
1004. Steve teaching Elijah how to play Memory
1005. a surprise phone call from my brother
1006. way to order shoes for Elijah--free 2-day shipping AND free return shipping!

1007. naps for Elijah and for me
1008. a short walk to the library
1009. fresh, sweet, crisp apples
1010. having dinner prepared before lunch
1011. stacks of folded laundry

1012. the fact that He is FOR me
1013. courage to be honest about my struggles
1014. other people's courage to be vulnerable about theirs
1015. giving me so much peace last week
1016. hard words from friends

1017. bank drive-thru windows
1018. His faithful love in spite of my unbelief
1019. opportunities to encourage friends with what I'm learning
1020. opportunity for hospitality
1021. leaves crunching underfoot

1022. cool fall mornings
1023. a pizza date with Elijah
1024. snuggle time with Elijah on the couch
1025. orange trees against a cloudless blue sky
1026. prenatal appointments at home

1027. the adorable little pouch sling a friend made for Elijah, so he can carry stuffed animals when we carry his baby sibling :)
1028. a free movie rental
1029. backrubs
1030. six pounds of gorgeous tomatoes at the farmers' market, just when I thought they were done for the season
1031. homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese

1032. Steve and Elijah carving a pumpkin
1033. homemade pizza
1034. Ohio State football, live on the computer
1035. His Spirit's conviction
1036. the promise that suffering is temporary and joy will be eternal

1037. an after-dinner walk with my guys
1038. Steve fixing leaky shower, toilet
1039. Elijah lying on the floor on his belly, chin in hand, looking at a book
1040. reminders that I am not the center of the universe
1041. "grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home"
1042. Psalm 56, 57

holy experience

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