Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cynical Blasphemy

Since Sunday I've been chewing on this quote from Paul Miller's book A Praying Life:
"Cynicism looks reality in the face, calls it phony, and prides itself on its insight as it pulls back. Thanksgiving looks reality in the face and rejoices in God's care. It replaces a bitter spirit with a generous one.” (p. 90)
“Reality” is another way of saying “that which is true.” And if all truth is God's truth—if Jesus Himself IS the Truth—then in cynicism I am looking God in the face and calling Him phony. I am proudly pulling back from intimacy with my Savior (and wondering why He feels distant?!), self-satisfied and smug in knowing that *I* recognized His promises as empty, unreliable, false.


O, for grace to replace my cynicism with thanksgiving. Evidence of God's care is everywhere, if I will only have eyes to see it. If I fix my eyes on the Truth, I see the YES to all of His promises, and I can trust and rejoice.

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