Monday, May 30, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 206

WHOM do I thank?

I keep a daily list of gifts. But what separates this list from a list any random agnostic could make of "27 Things I Love"? It has to move from gifts to Giver, from a generic warm-fuzzy pleasantness to a personal "Thank You."

This week my goal is to direct my thoughts "back up the sunbeam to the sun," as C.S. Lewis put it. Not just, "ah, this is nice, so glad to enjoy it," but "Thank YOU, Lord, for this gift, an expression of Your goodness and mercy and love for me!"

A few of His recent gifts...

1684. boys taking long, simultaneous naps
1685. reminders from older moms that this season is fleeting and one day I will miss it
1686. infinite mercy
1687. Elijah's first carousel ride
1688. Elijah walking through the mall, left arm swinging wildly, jabbering about who knows what

1689. free samples at the food court
1690. roadside strawberries
1691. boys giggling in the backseat
1692. anticipation of many years of brothers making each other laugh
1693. grace to get through a couple of days without Steve

1694. Steve home again safely
1695. friends reaching out to spend time with me while he was gone
1696. not having to take the boys to the basement in the middle of the night during storms
1697. unexpected phone call from my mom
1698. Jude's desire to be held

1699. Elijah matching socks for me
1700. Scripture prayers
1701. our zoo membership
1702. ride on the new "train" at the zoo
1703. food out of the freezer

1704. my neck didn't go out while Steve was gone
1705. helpful, gospel-centered preaching from our pastor
1706. amazing grace that saved a wretch like me

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