Monday, May 09, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 203

Thanking God this week for...

1602. seventeen baby chicks of various sizes and breeds

1603. friends who are raising them with/for us
1604. my boys' delight in watching them

1605. Steve's hard work to fix up the chicken coop
1606. pizza and fellowship with our friends last night as we kicked off the chicken adventure

1607. a fantastically helpful meeting with Elijah's old speech therapist
1608. a husband who remains calm and patient and logical when I am frazzled
1609. advice and support and prayer from friends
1610. difficult decisions being made for me, thus quickly ending the agonizing and deliberating
1611. the rest that His sovereignty provides

1612. the relief of pumping when I feel like I'm about to explode
1613. spicy chili
1614. instances of Elijah being kind to Jude
1615. the people at the hatchery who were SO helpful and patient with all my chicken questions
1616. lost slipper found

1617. determined little Jude pulling himself all over the living room, getting into everything
1618. Elijah reciting Colossians 3:20
1619. adult conversation at the end of a long day
1620. time to sit and breathe and pray in the quiet dark while nursing Jude to sleep
1621. playdate with friends

1622. getting my haircut fixed and liking it much better
1623. husband taking me out for dinner for Mother's Day
1624. pineapple margarita
1625. chips and queso
1626. fresh peonies in a vase on the table

1627. baby fat

1628. my giving and loving mother
1629. my wonderful mother-in-law
1630. the privilege of being a mother


Danielle said...

Question about speech therapy. Did you decide this was needed or did E's doctor recommend? Did you use someone privately or through the state?

It has been suggested by several people my boys may benefit from speech therapy. Not yet sure as to my thoughts on the matter. I go back and forth. I will be discussing this with their pediatrician in a few weeks, so was just curious as to your experience.

Zoanna said...

I am loving that baby picture. So squeezably soft he looks! Oh ,and I'm glad you had pizza and not chicken for dinner the night the baby fowl came to you!