Monday, May 23, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 205

"To become thankful is to be drawn into the fellowship of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, into their enjoyment of one another, of life, and of people." ~ Paul Miller, A Praying Life

This week, I've been thanking God for...

1661. the joy of hearing Elijah recite Scripture
1662. burnt sugar pecans - Marjorie's awesome recipe, just like the nuts at the mall
1663. the acoustics in the shower
1664. sugar cookies in animal shapes: dinosaurs, seals, fish, caterpillars
1665. friends with whom to learn to apply the gospel

1666. knowing Romans 8 by heart
1667. Megan, Elijah's old speech therapist, and her ongoing desire to help Elijah grow
1668. my ever-patient and understanding husband
1669. the money to order a backup baby carrier
1670. Wednesday night dinner and prayer with friends

1671. grace to have compassion for Elijah in the middle of the night
1672. opportunities to watch big construction trucks at work
1673. a picnic on Saturday with the KidTalk study people
1674. other people doting on my children
1675. temporary tattoos

1676. Jude wearing a sun hat, sitting in the grass
1677. Elijah's bucket hat and sunglasses
1678. Qdoba for lunch, unexpectedly
1679. the logic and common sense of baby-led weaning
1680. Jude's first tooth

1681. dinner with friends
1682. not remembering my sins
1683. hymns sung in a crowded living room


Kay K said...

1682..I too am thankful that GOD doent remember my sins ............
You have many great thanks to GOD this week as with each week

Ashley said...

Yay for first teeth!
And shower acoustics! :)